Pet and Rescue Management Tools
for Rescues and Shelters

Offering U.S., Canadian, and South African rescues and shelters, of all sizes and specialities, a suite of tools to assist in the day to day operations of your rescue work. Web, desktop, and mobile!

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PetPal Manager Pricing

Yearly Membership - $25

Sign up for PetPal Manager and get a whole year to use the management system. No monthly fees to worry about, just pay once per year.

Membership also includes the ability to download and use the other PetPal Manager applications and add-ons (web, desktop, mobile, tablet).

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PetPal Manager Screen Shots

  • Pet Records Module
  • Pet Manger's Pet Info Panel
  • Pet Manager's Pet Packet
  • Adoption Records Module
  • Pet Exporter Module
  • Finance Module's Dashboard
  • Finance Module's Donor Details
  • Team Manager Module
  • Team Manager Module's Foster Details with current and past foster records


Here at Cat Ranch Rescue, we just love this product. It's very easy to use and is great in keeping up with our 72 cats medical records. Fast to update cats records and allows you to put photos with cat  and, with 1 click, you can print cat name age and breed type with a photo!! Excellent program to use  a must for rescues and shelters !!!!

Marianne Grindstaff
Cat Ranch Rescue, North Carolina