Desktop Software Development

PetPal Manager is moving from the web to the desktop with the development of PetPal Manager Desktop. Joining it, and will be available for download for members, will be PetShow Pro which is a desktop version of the mobile/table application which allows you to showcase all the pets in your rescue, if they can be at the event, for potential adopters.

Desktop version of both software will be able to either download from the web or sync with it so all your applications stay in step and all your data is updated each time you have internet access.

Our software is uses the Adobe's AIR runtime which allows for the same technology that created the web version to be used to create the desktop version as well as allow for the local storage of data and the ability to sync the desktop with the online version.

Using Adobe's AIR runtime also allows PetPal Manager and PetShow Pro to be updated quickly with new features that are developer for the web site and bug fixes and allows all our software to be able to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

PetPal Manager Desktop and PetShow Pro are free add-ons for all PetPal Manager members. No additional fees.

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