PetPal Manager Overview

PetPal Manager is a web based software suite of applications that was designed with rescues and shelters in mind!

PetPal Manager was created as super low cost ever, expanding suite of tools for rescues and shelters to assist them with their pet and record management. With many modules to allow them to manage different aspects of a rescue or shelter, PetPal Manager offer the rescue the ability to customize which pieces they use and which ones they dont. Its a 'take all you want, but use what you take' application.

Created in Adobe Flash using the Flex Framework for easily application development, PetPal Manager easily works on all platforms and all browsers and can, and will shortly, be converted into a desktop version (Windows, Mac, Linux) and a mobile version for Android Phones, allowing you to take PetPal Manager anywhere and everywhere your rescue work takes you.

After donating individual web sites to various rescues and shelters around the country over the years, creating a comprehensive suite of online tools seemed to be the right idea to help lots of rescues and shelters at once. We have lots of ideas on more modules and modifications so you will have access to an ever improving and growing collection of appliations.

PetPal Manager is also always growing. As new ideas come up or are suggested, new modules are being added and offered to be used. One main feature if PetPal Manager is that you can easily turn on and off modules. Just use the modules you want and don't be bothered with the rest if them.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” - Mahatma Gandhi

Our Vision

Creating online, desktop, and mobile solutions for rescues and shelters, of all sizes and specialities, which allows them to better manage their pets, manage their organization's record, help raise awareness for the organizatin and their pet to create a smoother process from intake to adoption.

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