Mobile / Tablet Development

Always exploring ways to create new applications for rescues to help them in their cause, PetPal Manager is being converted into a mobile (Android / iPhone) and tablet (Android / iPad / Blackberry Playbook) applications to allow rescues to manage their pets on the go and from anywhere in the world..with out a computer.

In addition, PetShow, is a mobile application (Android and coming soon for iPhone) which allows rescues to showcase all their adoptable pets, their information and photos using their phones.

Out and about and meet someone looking for a pet? Pull out your phone and pull the most current list of your adoptable pets for them to look through and find their perfect pet. Read more about it below and use the QR code to be taken instantly to the Android Market to download it and try it yourself. Membership, however, is required but you can use the demo login username and password to check it out.

All mobile and tablet applications are developed using Flash/Flex using the AIR for Android and Adobe's apple OS converter. Using Flex/Flash allows for shared technology between the web, desktop, and mobile/tablet applications adn allows for quick upgrades and bug fixes.

Currently Available

Snap a picture of our QR Code to be taken instantly to download PetShow from the Android market.PetShow:
PetShow allows you to take all your adoptable pets with you all the time. Every been out and about and met someone who is looking for a pet. Rather than just tell them about your pets and write down their phone number, show them!

Simply pull out your Android device, log into your account, and instantly download and display all your adoptable pets for the potential adopter too look through.

Then, the potential adopter can complete a small contact form on the phone, submit it and it is sent to PetPal Manager for you to follow up with later. After submitting their information, the potential adopter is sent an email with the pets information and a photo of the pet for them to keep..

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