Special Thanks

The project would not be anything without the hard work of a bunch of people and the generosity of a couple companies. This page was created as a way to just say thanks.


Special thanks to Adobe for a couple reasons. First, their technology drives PetPal Manager. From Flash Player, Flash Professional, Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), Flex Framework, Flash Catalyst, ColdFusion, Photoshop, Dreaweaver, Illustrator, AIR for Android has all been added or used in the project.

Second, and most importantly, a very special thanks to Adobe for their donation of ColdFusion 8 Enterprise Edition and Creative Suite CS5 Master to help the project.


Asfusion, creators of the Mate Framework, which is the backbone of the project. This powerful framework makes creating and mantianing the project a breeze with it's ease of learning and powerful functionality. Without this framework, this project would have taken twice as long to create and would have been a spaghetti nightmare.

Also, their technical knowledge and support forumns has helped me through a couple problems and gave me some great advice on how to manage the projects.

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