Web Development

PetPal Manager is a web site created using a variety of technologies to give rescues and shelters the most advance functionality possible on the web but is created in an easy-to-use format. The goal was to create the most powerful, full featured application for rescues and shelters and yet have it be one of the easier to use and learn.

PetPal Manager is created using Adobe's Flash technologies (Flash, Flex Framework, AIR) which allows for powerful functionality. Behind the scenes, Adobe's ColdFusion 8 Enterprise manages the data transactions and offers other powerful services.

Reasons to create PetPal Manager in Flash include:

  1. Quick to load and once it is fully loaded, only information needs to be sent back and forth. Unlike other web site that need to constantly refresh pages, once its loaded, its ready to run and uses less bandwidth which is nice for people on slower connections.
  2. PetPal Manager looks and acts the same no matter what browser or computer your own. Unlike Javascript and other technologies, if the browser has Flash Player installed (which 98% of all computers in the world do) it will always look the same.
  3. Quick turn around on new features and ideas.
  4. Lots and lots of very cool functionality can be added to the project. Everything from video, image manipulation, web cam, live streaming chat, 3D, and much more.

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