PetShow Android Mobile Application for Android and iPhone

PetShow Mobile for Android phones allows you to show your pets where ever you are. Logging into the application pulls a list of all your pets marked as either 'In Process' or 'Available'. Selecting a pet brings up their information for the potential adopter to see. If the pet has images uploaded in PetPal Manager application, PetShow adds a button to pull all the images for the potential adopter to see so they can get a view of their future pet.

If the adopter wishes to apply for the pet, they can complete a short form which is then sent to PetPal Manager online and becomes available for you to follow up with the potential adopter and set up and appointment for them to view their pet. Also, an email is sent to the potential adopter with all the pet's information and any images that are available so they can have it available to them.

To download and start using PetPal Manager's PetShow, use your Android phone to take a picture of the image to the left and it will take you to the Android Market for download,

PetPal Manager's PetShow is free to download and you simply use your PetPal Manager account to log in.

PetShow Pro Desktop - Coming Soon for Mac, PC, and Linux

Created for Android Tablets and Apple iPad, Pet InTake allows you to record your pet's information at time of intake, then sync them to your PetPal Manager account. So if your rescue evaluated animal outside or remotely,simply use Pet InTake to record all your pet's information.

PetPal Manager Desktop - Coming Soon for Mac, PC, and Linux

Similar to the online version, PetPal Manager desktop allows you to work on your pet and rescue records from anywhere. If you have internet available, PetPal Manager desktop saves records both locally and to the internet. If no internet is available, PetPal Manager save your records locally and prompts you to sync them when you are bacj within internet range.

Click on any of the links to the right to read more about the modules available in PetPal Manager.

PetPet Manager Mobile - Coming Soon for Android and iPhone

Want to manage your rescue records from anywhere your phone is, PetPal Manager Mobile allows you to perform most of the same functions as the online and desktop version but with a simplier interfac