Built by Rescues for Rescues - We're a Community

PetPal Manager has been blessed by being greatly influenced by the people who use it. Many of the features and enchancement have come at the request from rescues, shelters, and humane socities and we hope that continues!

While not being able to incorporate ALL the ideas that have been suggest during the development and testing, many that would benefit the community as a whole have made their way, with many more enhancements and modules coming down the road. Great ideas from the people who do this everyday is what is going to help PetPal Manager grow and become a better tool for rescues and shelters in their efforts to find pets their forever homes.

Whether you're a member of PetPal Manager or just looking at the demo, please feel free to send your ideas of new features, new modules, better ways of doing things, or let us know what we are missing. You can send your ideas to ideas@petpalmanager.com.

We're always looking for better record keeping for pets (information, medical, temperament, medication, training/rehab, etc), adoptions, fosters, volunteers, do not adopt lists, new ideas to enhance the exisiting modules, completely new modules, or new mobile or tablet application (iPhone/iPad and Android Phones/Tablets).

Some ideas in the works thanks to suggestions:

Pet Match - Have a number of great applications for one pet. You can only adopt that pet to one person, but why not keep the other applications on hand, store them, store that adopter's preferences, then when you add a pet that matches some/all their preferences, you get notified of the match so you can contact the potential adopter.

Enhanced Foster Profile - Adding more information about your fosters to the Team Manager's foster section, including their personal pets, their home information, and which pets they currently have so the system can make a suggestion to which foster is available to house your animals.

The main goal of this project has always been to make the best, lowest costing application for all rescues, shelters, and humane societies. Its those people who know their work the best and we have a lot to learn, so start with 'Wouldn't it be cool if' or 'That would work better if' and send that to us!