PetPal Manager's Modules

PetPal Manager is an online pet and rescue management application built using modules allowing rescues and shelters to customize their system to only use the applications that suite them best. New modules will be introduced as time goes on and new features are being developed.

Current modules include:

  1. Pet Manager
  2. Adoption Records
  3. Do Not Adopt Database
  4. Pet Import/Exporter
  5. Team Manager
  6. Incident Reports
  7. PetShow Leads
  8. Meeting Room
  9. Finance Manager
  10. Rescue Manager/Admin Area


PetPal Manager Sneak Previews (Sneaks)

With PetPal Manager being constantly evolving, more modules, features, and additional web sites are being developed, listed below are modules currently being developed:

  1. Pet Print (PetPal Manager)
  2. Rescue Link (PetPal Manager)
  3. Adoption Application / Form Builder (PetPal Manager)
  4. Pet Match (PetPal Manager)
  5. Fundraiser Organizer / Records Module (PetPal Manager)
  6. Microchip Registery/Lookup (PetPal Manager)
  7. Pet Health Library by PetMD
  8. Microchip Registery Mobile
  10. PetPal Personal
Have an idea for a new feature, module addition, or new module? PetPal Manager is an application that that has evolved for rescues and shelters by the suggestions of the rescues and shelters. Click here to send us your ideas!