Do Not Adopt Database

Bad potential adopters are unfortunate but a fact of rescuing. Now keep a record of them with PetPal Manager.

The Do Not Adopt database was created to allow your rescue or shelter to keep and share lists of adopters who you wish to never adopt a pet to.

Each record allows you to store multiple names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers and the reason you do not wish to adopt to them. You can keep an individual list of all the variations to ensure that they can't bypass their ban by adding different information.

Simply create a record by using the 'Add New Record' form then view their details page and add the variations to keep records of each.

All records are searchable using any of the fields entered so you can see within a few seconds if they are on your list or not.

Once the Pet Adoption Application creator is launched, the system will self-check the incoming applications to see if there are matches to instantly alert you of a potential match.

Also, you can share your DNA entry to allow other rescues to use your DNA entry against their potential adopter to allow them to use your information in their decision to adopt their pets to the potential adopter.

DNA Advanced Details Page

DNA Advanced Details Page with multiple records for each DNA person.