Pet Import/Exporter

One of the main goals with PetPal Manager was to reduce the work of the rescue or shelter in it's efforts to find new homes for pets. One of the main goals of the project was to allow you to import the pet's you've already created accounts, records, and information for and then, once you've completed the records for them, be able to upload them to the 2 largest pet adoption web sites: and Petfinder.

Why keep records in multiple places and create them multiple times?

Import Pets From Your Petfinder Account

Through agreements and hopefully soon with Petfinder, PetPal Manager is able to automatically upload your pets, ready for adoption, right to their sites for promotion and exposure.

To import your pets from Petfinder, simply enter your shelter ID, verify your account, then click 'Import Pets'. The system will then go out, pull 4 types of pets: Adoptable (Available), Hold (In Process), Pending (Pending), and Adopted (Adopted). You can review each pet by double clicking on each record to view the pet's current information and image to make sure you're importing the right pet. Then, check a box next to the pet's name and click 'Import'. PetPal Manager will then take all the pet's available information and insert into your account.

Import Pets From Petfinder Into PetPal Manager

Once the import is competed, a record of 'Past Imports' is created so you have a permanent records of which pet's were imports, by whom, and when.


Export Your Pet Record To Adopt-a-Pet

The process to import pets from Adopt-a-pet is simple and painless. Enter your pet's information (info, description, temperament tests, medical records) into the Pet Manager as you normally would, go into the Pet Exporter, check the boxes for each pet you want to upload, and click the export button.

Export You Pet Records To

Once the export is finished, the pets will be loaded into your accounts and a record is created in 'Past Exports' which you can view which pets have been exported, by whom, and when. Then, if needed, go into your Adopt-a-Pet accounts and edit or refine your information for the public.