PetPal Manager's Finance Module allows your rescue to keep records of all the income (Fund raisers, donations, sales, adoption fees, etc) all your expenses, your donors, and creates a yearly record for you.

Report Dashboard

Finance module's dashboard give you a snapshot look at the income and expenses per month, the ratio of income to expenses, expenses and income by category in easy to read charts and graphs.

Financial Dash with Graphs


Integrated with other modules, the expenses area record all the medical expenses you entered into the Pet Manager's pet health section so you have all your expenses in one spot. You can also sort the expenses list by date, type, or pet to see how much each pet is costing your rescue.

Expenses details

Payments can be marked as Paid or Deferred (Not paid) and during tax time, you can pull reports on the expenses your rescue has incurred and how much money you owe.


Record and keep track of all the donations and income your rescue receives month to month or all year. Create your own categories of use the stock one provided (Donation, Fund raiser, Pet Adoption Fees, etc). Mark you income records as actual amount or estimated (for items like donated services) so you can see how much cash verses services your rescue receives..

If you are a 501(c)3, you can also record which items you issued tax write offs for so you can keep an accurate record of all the write offs you issued for tax purposes.

Income records

Donor Records and Details

Create donor records to have a permanent record of all your donor people and companies contributions. Each donor detail panel also includes a list of all the donations you have entered per donor so you can see all the donations each have given.

Donor Details with listing of individual donations