Form Builder / Adoption Applications Manager - Sneak Preview

PetPal Manager's Adoption Application Manager / Custom Application Form Builder will allow your rescue to custom create it's own online adoption application that will be housed on

Starting with the basics (Adopter's first name, last name, address, phone number, email address) you just drag and drop form elements (text input, drop down lists, text areas, check boxes) and customize the form.

Once your form is saved and published, a custom table is created in our database based on your form which then will save all the information and display it in your PetPal Manager account. No more just having them sent by email which the can easily be deleted or lost. In a custom database, you can archive them for life.

The goal is to automatically include a embedded image in your uploads to in the pet's description that says 'Apply for Me' which will lead to your adoption application generated on the web site (being developed). For other adoption web sites and social media like Facebook, a URL will be available for you to embed in the pet's description area.

Once the potential adopter clicks the links and completes the adoption application, you'll receive email notification of the adoption application submission and you can view the application in the Adoption Application Manager module and in the individual pet's info section.

When completed, you'll be able to completely round trip your rescues efforts with PetPal Manager in 4 easy steps:

  1. Enter your pet and their information into PetPal Manager.
  2. Export your pet to and/or include the embedded URL in other adoption web sites or Facebook.
  3. The potential adopter's view your pet's information and click the 'Apply for Me' link and is taken to your custom adoption application
  4. The application is submitted and you view and manage it in your PetPal Manager account.

Integration with Pet Match may also come in the future so all the application that are good but didn't get picked for a particular pet can be saved along with preferences and searched against each time you enter a new pet.

The module is still in development. If you have ideas for this module, send them to

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