Incident Reports

PetPal Manager's Incident Report was created allow you to record incidents that happen with the pets in your rescue or shelter while they are there but is also flexible enough to allow you to record any incident that your rescue or shelter encounteres.

Incident Records allow you to record the date, the type of incident (pick from a list or add your own), the severity of the incident, the outcome (choose from a list or add your own) and write a full incident report.

The Incident Report also allow you add files (images or documents) to each case to keep a full detailed record.

Upload and include:

  1. Images (png, jpg, gif)
  2. Documents (pdf, txt, odt)

Incidents are assigned to pets, allowing you to view a full, searchable, list from either the Incident Reports module or in each pet's detail area.

Incident Report with Attached Files