Rescue Manager / Admin

PetPal Manager's Rescue Manager is you main account manager and give you a number of functions for your rescue.

User Manager

Add, view, remove user accounts for your PetPal Mananger. Choose from 3 roles (Admin, User, and Foster) which gives your users different privledges and access in PetPal Manager.

  1. Admin - Have full access to all modules and the rescue manager section to manage account information, create and manage users and change organiztion information
  2. User - Have access to all modules except finance and can only edit their own account information (change password, etc)
  3. Foster - Has access to a limited version of the Pet's modules (only the pet's they are fostering), their own account manager, and the meeting room module.

Organizational Information

Update your organization's information and upload a logo which is used on any printed material PetPal Manager will generate for you to print.

Manage Modules

With PetPal Manager being a modular system and customizable for each rescue, you can 'turn on' and 'turn off' modules for your rescue to use simply by either dragging the modules from an 'active' list to a 'deactive' list or selecting them and activating or deactivating them. Instantly the deactivated module no longer appear in the tabs at the top of PetPal Manager. Deactivated modules will not appear in your tabs each time you log in until you reactive them.

Pet Reports

This statistical dashboard gives you a snapshot reference of all the pets you have had in your system and give you information about your rescue and the types of pets you have in your rescue. The dashboard gives you instant updated information about:

  • Intakes vs. Adoptions per month - number of intakes and number of adoptions by your rescue pet month.
  • Intake by pet type - Tells you which types of pets of most often brought into your rescue.
  • Adoptions by pet type - Tells you which pet types are most often adopted from your rescue.
  • Status/Income by type - Tells you what are the most status/results of the pets that are brought into your rescue.
  • Intake by age - Tell you what ages of pets are most often brought into your rescue.
  • Intake by gender - Tells you what genders are most often brought into your rescue.

Billing & Payments

This section will allow you to see when you have the next yearly payment as well as a list of all payments that have been made in the past. When your yearly bill is due, you'll be able to pay it directly from this section.

Cancel Account

Never like to see a rescue go, but if you need to, this section allows you to do 2 functions. Export all your pet data, adoption records, and finances into Excel documents and download them in a zip file and then delete your account.