Microchipping - Sneak Preview

PetPal Manager's Microchip module will allow your rescue or shelter to both register your microchips with the major microchip registries (ex. 24PetWatch, HomeAgain, etc) and also perform a single microchip lookup and get results from all the major registries at once. No more checking multiple registries.

To register a microchip, simply drop down from the list of registry companies (based on who provided your microchip) and complete the registration form. The information will be sent and registered to the company and the ID will be registered with that pet in your records.

The registry will also be available as part of the pet's module to register an individual pet while your managing their information and records.

To look up the ID number of an intake pet, simply scan the chip, enter the ID and submit the form. PetPal Manager will query all the major registries and return the results of the ID number in date order.

The module is still in development, if you have ideas for this module or other things you would like it to be able to generate to be printed, send them to ideas@petpalmanager.com.

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