Pet Match- Sneak Preview

PetPal Manager's Pet Match allows your rescue to create online preference profiles of potential adopters and match pets that are entered with a database of potential adopters.

Ever have a bunch of great applications come in for the same pet? You can only choose one to adopt the pet, but don't want to lose the others. Or ever have anyone ask you to keep an eye out for a particular pet? Pet Match can help.

Pet Match allows you to create a profile for a potential adopter including their contact information and their pet preferences including pet type, breed/species, age, gender, size, and more. When you enter a pet into PetPal Manager that match that profile, you will receive a notification of the potential match so you can contact the potential adopter and send then that pet's information via email.

If the potential adopter has already completed an adoption application, you can scan it and attach it to the profile so you have the adoption application stored with the profile.

The module is still in development. If you have ideas for this module, send them to

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