Pet Print - Sneak Preview

PetPal Manager's Pet Print module will allow you to generate printed materials for your rescue. Based on the data you entered for your rescue and your pets, you will be able to automatically generate and print:

  1. Flyers (81/2 x 11 - Includes image of pet, org logo and contact info, pet's information.)
  2. Cage Tags (4"x3" - Includes image of pet and the pet's basic information.)
  3. Adoption Packets (Includes pet images, pet info, shot records, medical procedures, medication records - if permanent, and special needs information)
  4. Mailing Labels for Donors and Adopters - Send thank you cards, upcoming events, etc by generating printable mailing labels set to the size of the most popular mailing label papers (Avery, etc).
  5. ?

To incorporate the newest technology into each print, each flyer and cage tag will include a QR Code that will allow potential adopters to snap a picture of it with their smart phones (Android, IPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone) and be able to take the pet's information and a url to see the pet instantly. QR codes will generate automatically based on the information you've entered so you don't have to worry about doing anything for it.

Flyers and cage tags can be printed individually or in a bulk sets by selecting multiple pets.

The module is still in development, if you have ideas for this module or other things you would like it to be able to generate to be printed, send them to

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