Rescue Link - Sneak Preview

PetPal Manager's Rescue Link isn't a module but a new colaberation tool being added to the Rescue Manager/ Admin area which allows rescues to link to each other and share information.

The process (in concept) works like this:

  1. A rescue wants to link to another rescue and share some/all of their module records. They go to the Rescue Manager / Admin area and select 'Rescue Link'
  2. They compete a form including the rescue they wish to link to's orgID and check the boxes of which modules they propose to share.
  3. The requested rescue recieves the notification that another rescue wants to link to them and can view the invite and the proposed linked modules. They can either accept and link or deny (with a note).
  4. When accepted a drop down apprears in the module(s) they linked and they can sort the data by their own, their linked rescue(s), or merged (all links and their own data together).

One rescue can link to as many rescues as they like. This feature is great for small rescues that join other rescues for events, fund raising, or pet events or organization with multiple areas/branches of their rescue so they can share information while still maintaining their independance and Petfinder and accounts.

Modules available to link:

  1. Pets
  2. DNA
  3. Meeting Room
  4. Team Manager: Fosters
  5. Team Manager: Volunteers
  6. Team Manager: Animal Hospitals
  7. Finance
  8. Adoptions
  9. Incidents
  10. Fund Raising Manager (When completed)

Please note that link requests are optional and not all modules will be proposed or need to be accepted. You can reject a link and suggest less module linked to.

The module is still in development, if you have ideas for this module or other things you would like it to be able to generate to be printed, send them to

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