Team Manager Module

PetPal Manager's Team Manager module allows your organization to keep a record of all the fosters, volunteers, and animal hospitals you work with in your effort to find pets their forever homes.

Broken into 3 areas (Foster, Volunteers, Animal Hospital) you can add, view, update, and remove records that include all contact information allowing you to either email them, call them, or send them postal mail.


The Foster section allows you to add all the people who keep care of the pets for your organization. You can include contact information such as phone numbers, email address, and street address.

Foster with Details Pop Up

The foster detail area lists all the information including a record of all the pet's each is currently fostering as well as all the pets they have fostered in the past. This Also, the fosters that are entered into this section appear in the Pet Manager as options to select when it comes to assigning the pet to a foster.


Never loose a contact number, email address, or postal address of a volunteer again. You can add all the contact information for each of your volunteers and also choose a category of what they help you with most (transport, events, web, photography, etc). This will give you a mobile list of all your people you can access from anywhere with a computer and the internet.

Volunteer Section with Details PopUp

Animal Hospitals

Keep your animal hospitals contact information right at hand. Enter the name, address, phone number, fax number, and web address.

The animal hospitals you add help populate all the sections for the pet's medical records and also populates sections in the expenses module so you can run a report on how much you've paid to an animal hospital or how much you own them.

Animal Hosptial Section with PopUp