Here a few nice things people have said about PetPal Manager.:

Here at Cat Ranch Rescue, we just love this product. It's very easy to use and is great in keeping up with our 72 cats medical records. Fast to update cats records and allows you to put photos with cat  and, with 1 click, you can print cat name age and breed type with a photo!! Excellent program to use  a must for rescues and shelters !!!!

- Marianne Grindstaff
Cat Ranch Rescue, North Carolina

As an all volunteer foster home rescue organization, we were searching for a pet management system that was cost effective and would meet our needs. PetPal Manager has done that and more. We have been amazed by the support staff's prompt response to our inquiries and requests. You could not ask for a better company with which to work. Give PetPal Manager a try...you won't be disappointed

- Linda Krueger, Foster Care Coordinator
Wish Bone Rescue, Bloomington IL.

Yes im completely happy with petpal manager, we just have to get use to it, since we've been using the same program for three years. The service is great, and I like the fact that you take everyone's suggestions and try to add them into the program... I also like how you ask everyone on facebook if things would be of value if you were to add them into the program... I cannot wait until the desktop version comes out, so that way when we're at an event or on transport i can work on everything and i don't have to worry that i don't have internet access!!

- Christine Cantagallo, Director / founder
Paws 2 Your Heart, Inc in Lafayette, NJ.

An shared email response from Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary to Susan at Petfinder when asked to give their impression of PetPal Manager.

Hi Susan,

First let me say that I don't know any of the people who wrote this program or anything about them. I will tell you that for FOUR years I have evaluated programs, tried them out, BOUGHT them, worked with free ones and discarded them all. 

Finally in December we commissioned a programmer to WRITE one.  It cost us $3500.
Here it is, August and we barely have a working program, we have to train staff for days on how to do it, it is time consuming and non intuitive. We are at wits end.

I found out about this program through basically a spam mail. I wasn't even going to BOTHER to try it, except that they had a free working demo on the site so I decided to just play with it while I was on the phone one day.  I loved it!! I signed up for it that same day and started using it the next. I signed up our sister shelter and they have started to use it.

My staff has needed ZERO training, they have been able to sit down and just figure it out - it is THAT easy to use.
I have contacted one of the developers for changes I was wondering if he could implement and by end of the the week he had them all done. I'm astounded and amazed and impressed and thrilled.

I currently have FOUR programs here I have to keep running because all our animal data is split between them.
Developer is trying to also figure out a way we can download ALL our animals (even adopted) from PetFinder so I can just edit those animals records and for once maybe I can have a system with ALL our animals, past and present in it. (Limit is 200 now that we can download from Petfinder).

Between our two shelters we place over 2500 animals a year and we expect to double that number in the next 18 months. We are part of the ASPCA challenge this year so pulling data and having reliable data is even more important.

So when I tell you that I am chucking everything to switch to this program - I am not kidding.
I can't speak more highly of it and I hope you can fast track this so we can be more efficient QUICKLY!

Currently we can upload to adoptapet - and we never used that program before.  We ONLY use Petfinder.
I'd like to keep using Petfinder as you guys are a wonderful source of homes for us - WONDERFUL !!!
But the import to adoptapet is so amazing that I'm begging you to let us have it for Petfinder. It saves us so much time.

Sara, we are so stressed and overworked.  If we could enter our animals ONCE into a system and click a button and load them to Petfinder it would save us HOURS AND HOURS of work a week. Please let us have this access!

This week five people from Pets Alive attended the no kill conference.  There were over 450 people there.
I told a lot of folks how much I liked this program and am expecting a lot to sign up this week.

I do hope you will give it your consideration. Thanks very much for your quick and courteous response!

- Kerry Clair, Executive Director/President
Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary, Middleton, NY

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